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          Enjoy the beautiful homeland---Aim at high-end floor brand

             Fujian Golden Bamboo Industry Co., LTD REBO was founded in 2011, covers area of 133400 square meters, a total investment of 100 million Yuan, using the most advanced technology equipment progress to producing reconsolidated bamboo. We owns 10 experts who are dedicated in reconsolidated bamboo researching, 11 top designers, 26 reconsolidated bamboo technical backbones, 148 employees. There are more than 100 national invention patent and utility model patent.

          Sitting on the southeast monsoon cluster bamboo forest belt, we have 800 million strains of high quality bamboo resources.

             Company is located in Nanjing, Fujian province where is rich in bamboo. Because of its rich rain and sunshine and good drainage condition, so the available bamboo totaled 800 million strains.

          All roads lead to the company---Adjacent to the Xiamen internati-onal port with convenient transportation and shipping for export.

             70 kilometers to Xiamen port, close to 319 national road and Zhang Long Expressway, only 5 kilometers to Nanjing station. These provide bamboo plank international export business and domestic business with convenient transportation.


          Reputation first, service first

          REBO is an innovative and premium outdoor plank company which devotes to output the bamboo culture and bamboo living aesthetic space. Products cover the floor, wall panels, railings, flower stand and outdoor furniture, etc. As the impact resistance, and resistance to water absorption, high temperature resistance, mothproof, flame retardancy outdoor plank supplier, the main export business involved in leisure outdoor space, bridge engineering, villa design projects, etc. Area covers in some West countries, such as Germany, Italy, USA, Spain, etc, these countries are all advocating green, environmental, healthy theories; the domestic business involved in outdoor living environment design, tourism projects development, government project, building project, and extend to some other fields, like architecture, household items.





          CONTACT US

          • Address
            No.175, National highway 319, Hi-tech zone, Nanjing town, Zhangzhou city, Fujian province, China
          • Fax
          • Tel
            +86-5967661112  +86-5967661113
          • Email

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